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Per Bjørkum

Per Bjørkum is a nature and landscape photographer, born in Oslo in 1964. Per's passion for his craft springs from his deep love of nature. Much of Per's childhood was spent in the rugged Norwegian mountains. From the age of twelve he shot avidly, climbing and photographing many of Norway's highest mountains. Per has also reached the summit of Aconcagua in Argentina, the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas. Per's closeness to the ocean, and Hvaler in particular, has inspired his work for a decade.



"I believe great photography is forged out of passion. A love for the subject is even more important than love for the craft. Per’s love of nature is inherently embodied in all his work, which is why his pictures speak to us so eloquently."

Mick Tully, Photographer


Nature is Per's main arena, and it is conveyed in all its moods with passion, empathy and love. His sense of detail, the plain and the pure, is expressed through creative solutions to all types of motives, sometimes towards the abstract. Seeing Per's pictures gives joy and inspiration. 

Terje Skåre, Photographer


"The first time I met Per, we had a full day of nature photography. Per shone with enthusiasm and had a passion for photography. Out in the woods, Per quickly sought new ways to capture motifs. All angles were tried in pursuit of the optimal view - this was not a man who stood still for a long time. It was clear that Per was fond of nature and that he felt at home with moss, fungus, and damp forests. Per strives to get favourable light and good composition into his pictures and he constantly seeks to develop himself. One of Per's strong photographic sides is the way he handles shapes and lines. Many of his images have strong elements of design. Clearly, Per thrives with a camera as he embraces magnificent scenery, among mountains and open spaces.

Kai Jensen, Landscape Photographer